[sf-perl] Bug management / time management

Vicki Brown vlb at cfcl.com
Mon May 7 18:55:31 PDT 2007

Do you feel that you do a good job at bug management?
(presuming you have a regular bug queue).

If so, do you care to share any tips, tricks, hints, or methods that you
find work well?

The people in my work team are drowning. They're an Operations Support
team so they don't tend to get crashing program error bugs; they get
please do this task bugs and usually, the reporter set the priority.

When you're staring at a dozen, 50, 100 or more bugs, how do you tackle
them? How do _you_ prioritize what to work on when the bug already has a
Priority field that may not relate to your personal workflow or task list?
(e.g. there has to be some way to prioritize the work on 15 P2 bugs :-(

 I'm looking for suggested _successful_ time & bug management tips to help
them cope. I've never, personally, had a bug queue with 50-200 bugs in it
so this is outside my realm of personal experience.

We use Bugzilla if that makes things easier... or more difficult.
- Vicki

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