[sf-perl] CGI, TT, Mason

David Alban extasia at extasia.org
Fri May 4 07:50:37 PDT 2007

[hijacking an oakperl thread...]

On 2 May 2007 at 22:44:43 -0700 Quinn Weaver <quinn at fairpath.com> wrote:
> Hmmn, I personally wouldn't teach that to newbies.  In my opinion,
> CGI.pm is one of those technologies whose time has come and gone.  New
> people should be learning a templating language instead, like TT or Mason.
> It's just so much nicer to have HTML with a few funky tags, rather
> than a bunch of calls insider a Perl program... particularly if you're
> working with a graphic designer who's supposed to code the XHTML/CSS.


Would you consider giving an sfperl talk for perl-web newbies on doing
web stuff using perl?  I've been doing sysadmin and general unix stuff
with perl for years, but have almost no experience using perl in web
contexts.  I was told on this list not too long ago that cgi might be
the way to go for me because I want to put web front ends on sysadmin
/ general unix perl tools (as opposed to developing web applications).
 Even if that's so, I'd love to hear such a talk.

Live in a world of your own, but always welcome visitors.

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