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Adam Masri masri at nolex.com
Wed Mar 21 22:20:23 PDT 2007

On Mar 21, 2007, at 7:19 PM, Quinn Weaver wrote:

> I need to replace my time-tracking/billing system.  It's more or less
> spreadsheet-based and home-grown and more or less of a pain.


> Now I'm thinking of taking drastic measures:  using proprietary  
> software
> or even getting a second-hand Mac or a Windows box for the task.
> Any tips on what to use?  I'm hoping for "I use X and it Just Works"
> or "I use Y and it's tolerable," but I'll take "I heard Z works." ;)

If you will accept proprietary software, I use, and can recommend,  
AccountEdge. Check out www.myob.com & dl a demo. Their software  
creates a datafile that is Windows & Mac compatible, so if you use a  
Mac & your accountant uses Windows, your accountant can work on your  
datafile, then give it back to you for monthly closings & whatnot.  
MYOB will also give your accountant or bookkeeper a free copy if they  
don't already have it.

I bill for my time, and AccountEdge makes it very quick to do those  
kinds of billings. You can put in your hours & descriptions of what  
you do, then create an invoice. AccountEdge will give you a list of  
customers with outstanding billable hours, then allow you to generate  
invoices from those hours. After generating the invoice, AccountEdge  
can print the invoice, or you can even have it generate a pdf &  
automatically email it using Apple's Mail application to the email  
address in the customer record. Using this feature, I generate  
invoices that are emailed to my clients before I walk out the door.  
The software can print a simple invoice, print on pre-printed forms,  
or you can customize your own invoice with your own logo & whatnot  
(that's what I do). AccountEdge is a full blown accounting package  
that does invoicing, receivables, and a full general ledger so you  
know how you're doing.

A quick commercial interruption: I am a Macintosh computer  
consultant. If you're interested in a Mac, AccountEdge, or other  
hardware or software for the Mac, please email me offline & I'll be  
happy to discuss your needs with you.

Adam Masri     masri at nolex.com
President      www.nolex.com

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