[sf-perl] Learning CGI with Perl

Neil Heller nheller at silcon.com
Thu Mar 1 19:29:26 PST 2007

I decided that I wanted to learn some CGI to go along with my Perl in a
Winderz environment.  I bought what I had hoped was a good book but...
ActiveState Perl gagged on the first line of the program.  The error message
was that if I used -T in the "#!" line then I needed to use it on the
command line.  So I went to the command line and tried to start the prog
manually with -T as a command line parameter.  From that I got the same

Does anybody have an idea on how I can overcome this?

Better yet, can anyone suggest a good book for learning CGI?

FWIW, the name of the book is "CGI programming with Perl".  The source code

#! perl -wT

print <<END_OF_HTML
content-type: text/html

    <TITLE>About this servr</TITLE>
<H1>About this server</H1>
    Server name:        $ENV(SERVER_NAME)
    Listening on Port:  $ENV(SERVER_PORT)
    Server Software:    $ENV(SERVER_SOFTWARE)
    Server Protocol:    $ENV(SERVER_PROTOCOL)
    CGI Version:        $ENV(GATEWAY_INTERFACE)

Neil Heller
nheller at silcon.com

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