[sf-perl] 100 levels deep in subroutine calls!

Loo, Peter # PHX Peter.Loo at source.wolterskluwer.com
Tue Jun 19 09:31:27 PDT 2007

Hello Everyone,
I have a large program that loops through approximately 150 rows of data
from an Oracle database using Perl DBI.  Within each row of data the
program performs further actions like logging on to a different database
(Netezza using ODBC driver) to gather further information then writing
to yet another database.  I am making sure that $sth->finish() and
$dbh->disconnect are being used appropriately where necessary.
Everything seem to be checking out, but at this very same row of data, I
always get a core dump while attempting to logon to the same database to
which I was connecting and disconnecting in the previous steps.  So I
turned on the Perl debug to step through the each row.  At the very same
row, I get the following error from Perl.
  DB<19> c
551:        print STDERR "***** sub_exit() begins. *****\n\n";
100 levels deep in subroutine calls!
Is this strictly a Perl debug error message or is this a generic Perl
error message?  Is there a way around this limitation?  I saw something
while searching on the Internet about setting the $DB::deep to a higher
I hope you can shed some light for me.
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