[sf-perl] Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Li Sen li at senweb.net
Thu Jul 5 19:22:03 PDT 2007

David Alban wrote:
> How about writing a wrapper around your program.  The wrapper sets
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or for that matter, any environment variable you
> like), and then calls your program with all arguments it got?
> On 7/5/07, Loo, Peter # PHX <Peter.Loo at source.wolterskluwer.com> wrote:
>> Unix admins here are not happy about updating the .profile of the production
>> account to add two additional entries to LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
>> variable.  So I am having to figure out an alternative solution in setting
>> this environment dynamically during program run.  I have tried setting it at
>> the beginning of the program and I have tried putting it in the BEGIN block
>> with no luck.  I have searched the Internet and found a lot of discussion
>> but did not find any solution.
>> According to Tim Bunce's posting, LD_LIBRARY_PATH must be set before the
>> process starts.
>> http://groups.google.com/group/perl.dbi.users/browse_thread/thread/8de203f9ee4cb9a/579d2732c9712f1d?lnk=st&q=Perl+LD_LIbrary_path&rnum=7&hl=en#579d2732c9712f1d
>> Shall I just go Tim's advise and have the admins change the .profile or does
>> someone have a solution to help with this problem?

Or, you can add try this:

    my $additonal_path = '/whatever/path/you/want';
    if (ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} !~ m/$additonal_path/) {
        $ENV{LD_LIBRARY_PATH} .= $additonal_path;
        exec $0, @ARGV;

to re-invoke your script with the additional path(s) set.



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