[sf-perl] Creating an md5/pam encrypted password shadow entry

David Alban extasia at extasia.org
Wed Jan 24 11:20:24 PST 2007

FYI, just found:  http://www.virusexperts.com/xbi/programming/md5-crypt
which suggests using Crypt::PasswdMD5.  Will check it out.

On 1/24/07, David Alban <extasia at extasia.org> wrote:
> If I could discover how to take a cleartext
> password string and generate the pam/md5 version of it that would go
> in a shadow file, then I really could seed the new shadow file from
> existing /etc/shadow files.
> Can someone point me to resources I might use to gain this knowledge.
> I'll continue searching cpan and web searching, but I figured someone
> might have done this before, and could point me in the right
> direction.

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