[sf-perl] Browser front ends to perl back ends

Mark Theodoropoulos mtheo at amural.com
Fri Jan 19 11:45:25 PST 2007

Steve Fink writes:
> One minor note: for what you're doing, I wouldn't bother with mod_perl 
> or FastCGI. You're either going to be invoking external processes for 
> most of the work, or your processing is going to swamp the 
> initialization. So they gain you (almost) nothing; CGI scripts are much 
> more straightforward for what you're doing. (And in exchange for that 
> almost nothing, you'll have to deal with weird state preservation issues 
> that you're probably not accustomed to, coming from a command-line 
> background.)

A hearty second to this -- the state issues may be amusingly bizarre, but you 
probably have better ways to have fun. You'll be reloading the interpreter all 
the time, but so what? It doesn't sound as though you have to plan on getting 
slashdotted someday.

And speaking of scarred frontal lobes, I don't mean to start a religious war -- 
PHP being very handy for all kinds of things, really, and I'm not being 
sarcastic, completely -- I suspect that by the time you get used to working in 
one big flat namespace the size of the Gobi Desert your temporals and parietals 
will be scarred too.

Hmm, guess I'd better cut back on the battery acid and go back to caffeine.

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