[sf-perl] Internationalizing a Perl application

Matthew Lanier matt at cloudfactory.org
Mon Jan 15 12:54:05 PST 2007

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first, congrats on needing to internationalize DBI-Link.  that's a good 

As for the docs, have you run them through babbelfish or something of that 
ilk?  if the results are sufficient, I question the need to translate them 
now, and to continue translating future revisions, as you could instruct 
folks to babbelfish it themselves.

As for the strings (are you talking about error codes and such), can you 
make them constants and map the constants to descriptive error strings in 
the docs?

good luck...


On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, David Fetter wrote:

> Kind people,
> With DBI-Link's growing popularity world-wide, I'm getting more
> requests for translation of the docs and strings.  This presents a
> huge bunch of opportunities for me to make mistakes, so I'm asking for
> the collective wisdom out there.
> * Where do I start?
> * What are some good techniques for dividing the work?
> * What am I going to stub my toes on no matter what I do?
> * What pains can I avoid, and how?
> Cheers,
> Dave.


Matthew D. P. K. Strelchun-Lanier
matt at cloudfactory.org

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