[sf-perl] [job] PHP contract (full-time, ~3 months)

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Thu Jan 4 14:30:32 PST 2007

I just talked to a prospect.  Aside from the work I'd be doing, he
needs a good PHP contractor ASAP.  This is not up my alley, so I thought
I'd mail the list.

The situation is this:  he's part of a very young start-up (just
completed series A).  They make server management software.  He has an
intial version he's hacked up; now he needs to make it into a product
for release to customers this quarter.  Yes, it's insane.  If you
feel like taking on a major crash deadline and racking up lots of
billable hours, this job is for you.

So he wants to make quick changes to the PHP front-end.  He
needs someone who's up to speed with PHP, obviously.  SOAP experience
is a plus; the PHP front-end is speaking to a business logic layer
(written in C++) that's all encapsulated in SOAP.  SQL knowledge
is also a plus; in a few cases the front-end does speak directly
to the business logic layer's database, for performance reasons.

I'm sure there's someone in here who has these skills.  If you're
interested, please mail him directly at engr-jobs at fastscale.com ,
including "UIE" in the Subject line.  Just say "Quinn sent me." ;)
He prefers resumes in PDF, but that's not a requirement.

This combined job description has more details, but it's somewhat misleading;
it's mostly for a separate job that I'm gunning for:
http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/sof/255850378.html .

Best regards,

qw (Quinn Weaver); #President, San Francisco Perl Mongers
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