[sf-perl] Net::Domain and system()

David Alban extasia at extasia.org
Wed Feb 7 13:24:24 PST 2007

Actually, is there any kind of groovy symbol table or other trick I
can use in programs that use my module that will have the effect of
telling the compiler that any call like:

  system ... ;

is CORE::system(), and thus avoid having to type CORE::system in the
code every place "system" would normally be used?   I thought maybe
something like this would work:

  *system = CORE::system;

It didn't.  I still got the warning.  I tried this:

    sub system { &CORE::system; };
    system "ls";

and got:

Prototype mismatch: sub main::system () vs none at junk.perl line 10.
Subroutine system redefined at junk.perl line 10.
Ambiguous call resolved as CORE::system(), qualify as such or use & at
junk.perl line 12.

followed by a directory listing.

If not, are there any other fairly simple tricks I can tell users they
can use to avoid typing CORE::system all over the place?

Assume I can't upgrade the ancient perl we're using.

On 1/29/07, David Alban <extasia at extasia.org> wrote:
> On 1/29/07, Bill Moseley <moseley at hank.org> wrote:
> > Isn't 5.8.0 from about 2002?  Maybe that's the problem?
> Quite possibly.  The code experiencing the problem is at work.  At
> home I fail, as you did, to reproduce the problem on mac os x running
> perl 5.8.6.
> O.K.  I'll just tell folks at work that they have to use:
>   CORE::system ...;
> when they use my module, if they don't want the error.
> Thanks.
> P.S.  system( ... ); didn't solve the problem on the work machine.
> Only adding CORE:: did.

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