[sf-perl] Eric S. Raymond @ BALUG (Jan 15th)

Andrew Fife afife at untangle.com
Mon Dec 24 13:31:37 PST 2007

Howdy Folks:

Eric S. Raymond will be kicking off the start of a great 2008 at The Bay
Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) with a talk on January 15th.  If you
haven't been to BALUG in a while, this a great opportunity to check out
what we're up to... and who knows you may just wind up eating dinner with
Eric S. Raymond at your table.  

If you'd like to come, please RSVP: 
  RSVP at balug.org

Upcoming 2008 speakers include:

  Jan - Eric S. Raymond
  Feb - Bruce Perens
  March - TBD
  April - Eric Allman
  May - Jeremy Allison
  June - Andrew Morton

So why not signup for BALUG's extremely low volume announce list:


Meeting Details...

  January 15th, 2008
  Four Seas Restaurant
  731 Grant Ave.
  San Francisco, CA 94108
  Parking:  http://www.portsmouthsquaregarage.com/


  The meetings are always free, but dinner is $13

About BALUG:

  BALUG is lively gathering of Linux users & free software enthusiasts
  combines great food, community & intimate access to featured speakers.
  We meet in the bar of the Four Seas Restaurant from 6:30pm.  At 7pm, we
  share a family-style Chinese dinner, which is followed by our guest

BALUG Mailing list Policy:

  BALUG promises not to abuse other LUGs mailing lists.  Our current
  is to make one monthly announcement on other Bay Area LUGs mailing
  If you feel this is not appropriate for a particular list, please tell
  which list and what you feel would be a more appropriate policy for that
  list.  Please send feedback to balug-contact at balug.org. 

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415.806.6028 (C)
afife at untangle.com 

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