[sf-perl] which first: remove non-data lines or process line continuations?

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Tue Dec 11 12:48:57 PST 2007

>>>>> "David" == David Alban <extasia at extasia.org> writes:

David> I'm leaning toward removing the non-data lines first.  But I wanted to
David> see if anyone had any strong opinions or otherwise interesting
David> observations.

I've seen it done both ways.  Whatever you do, make sure you can still
represent every possible input.  If I recall correctly, there's some
combination of backslash and newline that cannot be represented in a csh
single-quoted string because they fouled that up.

In other words, "\\" at the end of the line should be a real "\", where "\" at
the end of the string should swallow the newline and backslash as if it
doesn't exist.

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