[sf-perl] [ pers ] new contact info for matt lanier

Matthew Lanier matt at cloudfactory.org
Fri Aug 31 14:36:27 PDT 2007

hey happy perl people-

so, after 4.5 years of having the same cell phone number and having given it 
out to literally thousands of people, it is time for that number to get phased 
out.  if you have my old number (415-341-2005), please replace it with:


that is my home number, on which the recording will have my new cell number 
(when i get it).  my old number will phase out over the next few weeks.

neither my e-mail (matt at lanier.org / matt at cloudfactory.org, though i prefer 
matt at lanier.org) nor my AIM handle (matthewdpklanier) will be changing.

and, just in case, you can bookmark the following page that will always have my 
updated contact info:


I hope all is well.


P.S.  For those of you wondering why i am getting a new cell phone number when 
i work for a company that makes cell phones, it is because, after 4.5 years, i 
am moving on.  i can't say where yet, only that it is back in SF after a long 
spell in palo alto.  more details later.


Matthew D. P. K. Strelchun-Lanier
matt at cloudfactory.org

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