[sf-perl] [job] Perl hacker / book nerd, BookFinder.com (Berkeley, CA)

Anirvan Chatterjee x.sfpug at chatterjee.net
Tue Aug 7 11:57:30 PDT 2007

Ecommerce search engine BookFinder.com's looking for a full-time core
developer to join our team of Perl hacker book nerds.

BookFinder.com is a global ecommerce search engine connecting shoppers
with 125+ million books for sale--new, used, rare, and out-of-print.
We've been serving a passionate global audience of bibliophiles since
1997. In the past year, we've been in the Wall Street Journal, New
York Times, NPR, Guardian (UK), Newsweek.com, Internet Retailer, etc.

We're a stable 4-person developer-run company based in downtown
Berkeley, CA. We offer the stability of a larger operation, but with
startup-style flexibility (low hierarchy, flexible hours, freedom to
affect product direction). We're also low-key and drama-free.

This is a 100% Perl/LAMP shop: Perl/CPAN, Apache, mod_perl, Mason,
MySQL, CentOS, etc. We're also powered by whiteboards, shared
brainstorming, and the love and support of a passionate user base.


As one of the core developers of BookFinder.com, you'll be involved
with product vision, development, debugging, and maintenance. You'll
have a hand in every part of the product lifecycle, working alongside
two long-time Perl coders in a friendly, low-hierarchy workspace.

Code doesn't live in a vacuum; you'll need to be able to take into
account factors like user experience, analytics, marketing, and
budgeting in your decision-making. We're looking for someone
self-motivated, and willing to take responsibility for new ideas and


* 2+ years experience building large web-based apps in Perl/Python/Ruby
* 1+ years experience with production Perl (the more the better)
* Comfort with standard Unix command line environment, tools,
  servers (e.g. editors, source code control, Apache, etc.)
* Experience with data processing/analysis, regular expressions, and
  Web-based APIs (in any language)
* Knowledge of HTML/CSS, some JavaScript
* Ability to collaborate, and to work in an environment with rapidly
  changing priorities
* Database/SQL experience a plus
* Being multilingual a plus
* Experience with TDD, L10N, PBP a plus
* Love of books a plus


* Salary commensurate with experience ($60-90K)
* Medical, dental, and vision insurance plan
* Flexible, casual, work environment

More about us:

* http://www.bookfinder.com/
* http://www.bookfinder.com/about/
* http://journal.bookfinder.com/  (weblog)
* http://www.bookfinder.com/about/mentions/  (media mentions)


To apply, or if you have questions, email us at jobs07 at bookfinder.com.
We'd appreciate a resume, and an informal cover letter (cover email?
it's hard to be formal when half of us are Perl nerds). Please include
job code "2007E1SFPL" in the subject. Thanks!

Anirvan Chatterjee

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