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Quinn Weaver quinn at fairpath.com
Tue Apr 10 12:44:17 PDT 2007

Cross-posted to sanfranciso-pm at pm.org because the JSON part may be
of general interest...

On Tue, Apr 10, 2007 at 12:32:11PM -0700, Nimish Parmar wrote:

> 5) GoF Design Patterns - in Perl

Not always a good idea!  See http://perl.plover.com/yak/design/

(If you found that discussion interesting, you should also check out
and http://blog.plover.com/2006/09/11/ .)

> 8) Webservices using Perl

I did a presentation on this topic at SF.pm a couple of few years ago.
If I'm ever in LA, I'm happy to visit you guys and present it.

Take-home message:  Don't use SOAP, because it's not interoperable,
even among open-source implementations (e.g. Perl's SOAP::Lite and Apache
Axis, a Java SOAP toolkit).

With the rise of YAML, I think it's a reasonable serialization medium
for RESTful web services.  It's certainly easier to handle than XML.
At one of my clients, we decided to use JSON for serialization (with JSON::XS).
YAML is really a subset of JSON; see
http://redhanded.hobix.com/inspect/yamlIsJson.html .

By using JSON to represent data on the wire, we get to use the same
code for AJAX calls and web services calls.  Nice!

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