[sf-perl] Perl Programmer position in Palo Alto

Fred Moyer fred at redhotpenguin.com
Tue Apr 3 21:03:33 PDT 2007

Quinn Weaver wrote:
> Sorry for the lack of [job] prefix in the Subject line, as well as the
> superfluous text.  Mailman doesn't let me edit messages before sending
> them to the list; it just lets me accept or reject them.
> Otherwise, I do try to practice what I preach. ;)

Seems like the job of adding [job] to the prefix of the Subject line 
would be a great task for a perl program :)  Are there any hooks into 
the list software?

$subject = sprintf("[job] %s", $subject) if $body =~ m/(?:job)/i;

or perhaps something more clever, but you get the idea.  I know it can 
be done with Qpsmtpd.

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