[sf-perl] passing array and hash references

Richard Karpinski dick at cfcl.com
Thu Sep 28 17:38:25 PDT 2006

It would suffice to have a compiler do that for you, would it not?

I have a transformational attribute grammar compiler which could do  
that in a page of code or less. It was a major project of the Tiny  
Basic guy, Tom Pittman, author of  "The  Art of Compiler Design",  
after he got his Ph.D. in CS at Santa Cruz. Want it?


On 2006, Sep 28, , at 17:05, Rich Morin wrote:

> You're preaching to the choir here.  However, the question
> at hand has to do with a specific transformation (typeglob
> to ???).  Should I infer that you would simply accept the
> pain of changing all the *foo's to $foo's and adding "->"
> to all the places where $foo is now being used?

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