[sf-perl] Perl App Install Location

Bill Walz bwalz at paradigm-healthcare.com
Mon Sep 25 11:34:23 PDT 2006

I am interested in your comments/thoughts about where you install your
custom Perl applications.

I wrote and maintain a Apache2/Mod_Perl2/HTML::Mason web application
that has a large Perl library. The library is also used on/by several
different systems and processes that perform maintenance tasks, data
imports, etc.

Currently the application resides in /local with my Perl library
in /local/site_perl. I use the system installed Perl and add "use lib
qw(/local/site_perl);" to all of my scripts.

I am now thinking about packaging up the library for installation into
Perl's site_perl, i.e. Makefile.PL etc. This would add extra sanity
checks into my release process (module prerequisite checking, etc) and
make the release process more formal than a simple scp/untar.

Besides the addition of having /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.x
directories hanging around what are your thoughts?

Bill Walz

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