[sf-perl] Perl one liner to remove all control characters from an input file

Loo, Peter # PHX Peter.Loo at source.wolterskluwer.com
Thu Oct 5 13:45:01 PDT 2006

Yes Matt, I agree that I should have phrased my request differently, but
my thanks go to David Alban and Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for their prompt,
kind, and respectful responses.  

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On Thu, 5 Oct 2006, Chris Palmer wrote:

> Loo, Peter # PHX writes:
>> Will someone kindly send me a Perl one liner that will remove all 
>> CONTROL CHARACTERS from an input file and output to another file?

a slightly better way to phrase your question might be:  what man pages
should i read to find out how to remove all CONTROL CHARACTERS from an
input file?

> I'll say it: RTFM.  In this case, you could have found the answer by 
> reading the perlre man page and searching for the string "control".  
> In my case, the best answer is found at the second match (the "cntrl" 
> named class).

provided 'F' stands for 'Fine', then i agree.  anything less friendly
than Fine is absolutely verboten around here.

matt (list grand-mom).


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