[sf-perl] March 28: Revenge of the Son of Perl IDEs

Thalhammer, Jeffrey BGI SF Jeff.Thalhammer at barclaysglobal.com
Fri Mar 31 00:36:05 PST 2006

Perl Mongers,

I just wanted to thank everyone for attending the SFPM meeting on
Tuesday night.   Special thanks to our guest speakers Blake Mills and
Fred Moyer, and to Quinn Weaver for managing the catering.  Some notes
from the meeting can be found at http://sf.pm.org/weblog/.

Looking ahead, Barclays Global Investors will host the next SFPM meeting
on Tuesday, April 25.  I will be presenting Perl::Critic, which is
static source code analyzer based on Damian Conway's book "Perl Best
Practices."   See http://search.cpan.org/dist/Perl-Critic for more

The list below contains all the folks who RSVP'd to the last meeting.  I
apologize if you sent an RSVP but I did not include you on the list.  If
you plan to attend any future SFPM meetings, just reply
mailto:jeffrey.thalhammer at barclaysglobal.com and I'll add you to this
permanent guest list so you won't have to hassle with security.  Thanks.


Ackerman, Bob
Alban, David
Alberti, Bart
Berkus, Josh
Brenner, Joseph
Brown, Vicki
Budash, Michael
Cash, Julian
Christian, Storm
Fetter, David
Graff, David
Hamlin, Brian
Lyke, Dan
Lyman, Belden
Makepeace, Paul
Mills, Blake
Morin, Rich
Mosley, Bill
Moyer, Fred
Mueller, Nathan
Mungall, Chris
Obrien, Duane
Palmer, Chris
Prickett, Shannon
Rubin, Herb
Salomon, David
Spain, Damian
Sully, Dan
Weaver, Quinn 
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