[sf-perl] [Meeting] March 28: Revenge of the Son of Perl IDEs

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Sun Mar 12 09:17:43 PST 2006

(( This time, RSVP to Jeff.Thalhammer at barclaysglobal.com! ))

There was so much response to the idea of comparing Perl IDEs, we had
material for a second meeting. :)  This time...

- Fred Moyer will present vi(m), focusing on how it can be integrated
with tools like Perltidy and the Perl debugger.

- Vicki Brown will present BBEdit, a favorite edior for the Mac.

- Blake D. Mills III of Airwave will present their Emacs extensions,
intended for use in Extreme Programming.

Date:      Tuesday, March 28
Time:      8:00 p.m.
Place:     Barclays Global Investors, 45 Fremont St., San Francisco, CA
Security:  When you arrive, please tell the security people the name
           with which you RSVP'd.  They will direct you to the meeting room.

RSVP:      Jeff.Thalhammer at barclaysglobal.com

As always, this info is also at http://sf.pm.org/weblog.

Hope to see you there!

qw (Quinn Weaver); #President, San Francisco Perl Mongers
=for information, visit http://sf.pm.org/weblog =cut

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