[sf-perl] opening a pipe to a system command

Herb Rubin herbr at pfinders.com
Thu Jul 20 11:31:58 PDT 2006


If I remember correctly, the system command sets the $? variable with the return code.

So, you have access to it. I also remember that you have to do some bitwise operation to get the numeric value properly from the return code. Then there's the issue of Perl on Windows compatibility...

Here's an interesting web page for you:


Herb Rubin

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Would someone happen to know how I can trap an error return from the pipe? Here is what I am doing. 

unless(open(SYSCMD, "| someSystemCommand -d someFlag -u moreFlag1 -w moreFlag2")) { 

I tried eval {}; also and nothing was trapped. 

Hope someone has an answer for this. :) 


Peter Loo 

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