[sf-perl] Opening a pipe to sqlplus

Dan Sully daniel at electricrain.com
Mon Jul 10 09:54:35 PDT 2006

* Loo, Peter # PHX shaped the electrons to say...

>I was just wondering if anyone knows how to code an "open" statement to
>"sqlplus" while concealing the userid and password.  The problem that I
>am having is when the pipe is opened, one can view the userid and
>password using the Unix command "ps -ef".

Something like this:

my $sqlplus = Expect->spawn('sqlplus', join('@', $username, $sid));

$sqlplus->expect(30, ['Enter password: ', sub {
	my $self = shift;
	$self->expect(0, '-re', "\r\n");


dd if=/dev/sarcasm of=/dev/clue

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