[sf-perl] JOB Seeker: Quality-oriented Internal Documentation Specialist

Vicki Brown vlb at cfcl.com
Fri Jul 7 06:39:44 PDT 2006

Does your organization need someone with my particular combination of  
skills and experience? I am now looking for my next project, to start  
in September, in San Francisco or on the Peninsula.

I'm currently completing week 4 of a 12-week internal documentation  
contract in Sunnyvale. I may be offered an extension, but that  
remains to be seen. Even so, I'd prefer to find an interesting  
project that doesn't require a daily commute into the South Bay.

I am an experienced programmer, web weaver, and writer; however, I'm  
not seeking application development projects or jobs that entail  
creating customer-focused materials. Instead, I seek to apply my  
experience in software engineering and web technology, along with my  
skills at problem solving and technical writing, to enhance  
engineering productivity through improvements in communication.

I have a passion for quality (assessment and assurance), process  
(creation and improvement), and documentation (of all forms). I enjoy  
solving problems. I enjoy writing. I love the Web. I'm great at  
reviewing (code and text) and fixing (code and text). I love working  
on document mechanization tools, automated text processing, and data  

I am especially interested in creating and enhancing internal  
documentation in support of software engineering organizations.

In particular, I excel at:

* finding, gathering, and coalescing scattered bits of data, leading  
to improved data discovery, navigability, and ease of use.

* design and implementation of reproducible processes; process review  
and improvement

* writing, editing, re-writing, review, and proofreading;  
organization and maintenance

* asking the right questions, interviewing domain experts, and  
converting random thoughts and meeting notes into meaningful and  
useful documentation

* implementing and exploiting web technologies such as weblogs,  
wikis, PHP scripts, and more, to improve Intranet content management  
and accessibility

See http://www.philtres.com/vlb for links to my resume, work history,  
writing samples and much more.

What can I do for you?

- Vicki

Vicki Brown    http://www.philtres.com/vlb
Technical Documentation: Analysis, Composition, Editing, and Review
Data Analysis and Dataflow programming;  Web Content and Tools
Internet or Intranet <> Contract or FTE <> San Francisco and Peninsula 
- Vicki 

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