[sf-perl] How Hackers Collaborate: Monday (tonight!) in Palo Alto

Eugene Eric Kim eekim at eekim.com
Mon Jan 23 00:22:23 PST 2006

Tonight's SDForum Collaboration SIG meeting in Palo Alto is entitled,
"How Hackers Collaborate."  We've got an excellent set of "panelists":
Lee Felsenstein, the legendary hacker and activist; Jim Warren, public
policy advocate and founder of many important tech magazines and
conferences; and David Weekly, an entrepreneur who organizes a monthly
Bay Area hacker gathering called SuperHappyDevHouse.

I call them "panelists," because this won't be a traditional panel.
It will be highly participatory, an opportunity for you to share your
own stories and lessons about working with other hackers.

The "panel" will be at the Pillsbury Winthrop law firm in Palo Alto,
from 6:30-9pm.  The event is free for SDForum members, and costs $15
for everyone else.  Please come!  It will be engaging, entertaining,
and educational.  More info is at:



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