[sf-perl] Upcoming meetings

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Sun Jan 8 19:41:12 PST 2006

Rich, thanks for handling the January meeting. :)  FYI, here's the
latest scoop on upcoming meetings:

- On February 22 Matisse Enzer and Joe Brenner will speak on Perl
IDEs:  why they are sorely needed and how they can speed up
development.  Matisse will focus on Eclipse, Joe on Emacs and
perlnow.el.  We'll probably have food for this meeting.

- I have only one or two more meetings to place, so it's time to
send out the call for more.  If you have any suggestions, requests,
ideas to air, or products to demo, please write me at qw at sf.pm.org.

- I need lightning talks!  I've been saving up topics for an all-
lightning-talk event.  A lightning talk is a five-minute-or-less spiel
on any topic of interest.  If you have an idea that you'd like
to present in a quick and easy format, email me.  I'll make a note
of it.

- Finally, I am pleased to announce that my own Perl telephony product,
Dido, has been accepted for a session at CodeCon.  CodeCon is a local
conference run by hackers, for hackers.  It was originally organized
in 2001 by Bram Cohen and friends, who still volunteer to run the show.
I've been going for years and recommending it to anyone who will listen.
At $63 (it's not-for-profit), it's an amazing deal.

CodeCon is http://codecon.com/ .  You can see details about my O'Reilly and
CodeCon talks at my quickie company homepage, http://fairpath.com/ .

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