[sf-perl] [Job] Quinn Weaver available for VoIP, Perl contracts

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Mon Dec 11 09:50:49 PST 2006

Hi, everyone,

I mentioned this at our meeting, but here it is in writing:  I'm
again seeking contracts.  I've used Perl for all the usual
suspects; I also do complete VoIP solutions, including custom IVRs
("phone mazes") written in Perl.  I'm a Unix sysadmin, which means
I can build you a web farm or a phone system from the ground up.
I play well with business people, and I deliver on schedule.


I am a Perl programmer with over five years of experience.  I've used
Perl for the usual suspects:  n-tier web apps, financial apps, Unix
system administration, data-loaders, and text-processing.  I've used
RDBMSs:  lots of DML and a fair amount of DDL.  I write OO code, which
I've found to be surprisingly rare among Perl programmers.  I am a
stickler about clean design, ubiquitous testing, and good

Lately I've specialized in VoIP.  I know a lot about Asterisk,
including IVR and other uses of AGI.  In addition to IVR app dev, I do
complete VoIP deployments; I can set up your office phone system from
scratch, saving big bucks over a PBX solution.

I've worked in start-up, university, and especially corporate settings,
in teams, solo, and as a team lead.  I've seen multiple products through the
entire lifecycle.  I know how to communicate with business people; I pride
myself on keeping stakeholders informed and happy, and I deliver on time.

If this sounds like a good fit, let's talk.  Drop me an email or call
510-520-5217 (my mobile).


qw (Quinn Weaver); #President, San Francisco Perl Mongers
=for information, visit http://sf.pm.org/weblog =cut

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