[sf-perl] 2007 talks

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Mon Dec 11 08:55:10 PST 2006

And now for a public-service announcement...

It's that time again... I am working on lining up talks for next year.
If you have a Perl topic you'd like to talk about, drop me a line.
This could be as simple as "I found a cool little CPAN module that I
use all the time" or as complex as "I wrote a Perl 5 implementation in
Haskell."  I'm also interested in useful uses of Perl in your
company's products or in-house software.

Your idea need not take up a whole hour; I am also collecting smaller
proposals for a session of lightning talks

In addition, non-Perl topics that touch on Perl are fair game.  Our
Amazon Web Services talk was a good example: the services are
available through Perl, but most of the talk was devoted to the
services themselves.  Perfectly OK.

Finally, we're not dogmatically married to Perl-and-only-Perl.
We once had a really kick-ass Ruby talk.

If you have any leads, send them to qw at sf.pm.org--please don't
reply-to-list.  I'll find a date that works for you.


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