[sf-perl] [tech] LWP (fwd)

Matthew Lanier matt at cloudfactory.org
Mon Aug 28 14:17:01 PDT 2006

hey folks-

a friend had this question, and i am proxying for him.  any thoughts on 




Perl LWP module has some chunking magic, but it only works with POST, where
you give it a hash and a call-back function, you can use it in a
file upload form practically out of the box.

So, it must have some
internals to do http Transfer-Encoding: chunked, but how do I
do this with a $request-> that is a PUT ?  I want to give it
a call-back function that reads from the file and puts it into
the buffer so I can send arbitrarily long files.

Please don't spend a minute trying to Google this, etc.,
no such code may exist, and I have looked.

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