[sf-perl] Agile Perl position open at AirWave (San Mateo)

John Beppu beppu at lbox.org
Thu Aug 24 23:58:19 PDT 2006

Blake D. Mills IV wrote:

>Sure... I think you might have mentioned it before.  We intentionally
>aren't using many of the advanced features of postgres.  This is
>mainly because we have a very dynamic schema, that any pair of
>developers can change at any time.  Sometimes our schema changes 5
>times a day!  Since we have such a flexible process for changing our
>schema, things like triggers/table-inheritance/perl-in-the-database
>tend to slow our development down.  So, we're mostly using postgres as
>a vanilla SQL persistance layer.
5 schema changes in a day?

That sounds scary.  How do you pull that off without breaking a lot of 
code in the process?

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