[sf-perl] Agile Perl position open at AirWave (San Mateo)

Blake D. Mills IV blakem-sfpug at blakem.com
Thu Aug 24 11:46:16 PDT 2006

Just wanted to let everyone know that AirWave is hiring.  We have
given a couple of sfpm talks, one on our agile/extreme programming
process, and another on our customized emacs coding environment.  If
you attended either one of those talks, you heard how much our team
enjoys working together.  So, if you're looking for a perl job, or are
just not having much fun at your current job, please drop me a line at
jobs at airwave.com.

Here is our craigslist posting: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/sof/197374372.html

Hi there. I'm Blake Mills, the DevTeam lead at AirWave Wireless. We're
expanding our development team, and you might be just the one we're
looking for. Three years ago, I was looking for a company that was
small enough that I could make an impact, yet had the stability of a
larger organization. I found it here at AirWave. We have an
enthusiastic group of developers and a great working environment. Just
watch out though, you might find your keyboard encased in Jello like I
did last April Fools day.

Ok, so I've got your attention. You're starting to think that this
might be the job for you. Aside from office pranks, what is it that we
do at AirWave? Glad you asked. We develop network management software
that is used by many of the leading IT organizations at Fortune 500
companies, major universities, hospitals, and other prominent
institutions. Rolling out a wireless network is a daunting task, and
we provide tools to ease that burden. Our industry leading software
helps plan, configure, manage, and monitor some of the largest
wireless networks on the planet.

Our team practices extreme programming (XP), which means we spend most
of our time writing code. We believe that running code and short
feedback loops speak louder than excessive documentation and month
long design meetings. We practice test-driven development and have a
fairly comprehensive suite of tests... over 23,000 at last count. We
pair program, which means you'll learn the system quickly and have a
great time doing it. We have short release cycles so your talents
won't sit idle working on projects that never see the light of
day. Software you write today will be managing enterprise networks in
a couple weeks. We've been cited as the longest running continuous XP
project in the industry (five years and counting) so we have gotten
quite good at embracing its advantages while avoiding the pitfalls.

Excited? Good. Now to the nuts and bolts. AirWave develops software in
several different languages and the current position will be working
on Linux writing object-oriented Perl. We use Apache mod_perl as our
front end UI and Postgres as our backend persistence layer. Since we
manage network devices, knowledge of network protocols would be a
plus, SNMP, TFTP, HTTP, etc.

Desirable Skills - Perl, Object-Oriented programming, Apache, Linux
application development, mod_perl, Postgres, Experience developing
network management software - Knowledge of IP and 802.11 networking -
Network management experience, specifically wireless network
management - Linux system administration (rpm, network configuration,
etc.) - Experience developing automated tests - Strong refactoring and
design skills - Extreme Programming (XP) experience

Responsibilities - The software engineer's responsibilities include
designing, writing, testing, and maintaining code that is part of a
shipping enterprise network management and monitoring software

So, is this the job for you? Are you the next member of the AirWave
devteam just waiting to be discovered? If so, send your resume (and
perhaps your favorite office prank) to jobs at airwave.com and I'll get
right back to you.


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