[sf-perl] How to monitor a spawned sub-process

Garth Webb garth.webb at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 16:30:55 PDT 2006

It sounds like you want to set an alarm.  See "perldoc -f alarm" for more


On 8/9/06, Loo, Peter # PHX <Peter.Loo at source.wolterskluwer.com> wrote:
>  Hi All,
> I was wondering if there is a good way to monitor a spawned process within
> a Perl program.  For example: I am using Perl DBI to run a SQL command.
> However, I would like to give the SQL process some time to complete and at
> some point break out and quit if a set time has been exceeded.  Code
> example:
> eval {
>   $dbh->do("insert into table1 select a.col1, a.col2, b.col4 from table1
> a, table2 b");
>   };
> So if the above process does not complete after 10 minutes, I was to quit
> out of the program.
> Hope this information is clear.
> Peter
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