[sf-perl] Special meeting next week: Andy Lester on technical debt

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Tue Aug 8 00:30:09 PDT 2006

I'm happy to announce that Andy Lester will be returning for a special
meeting a week from today (Tuesday).  Andy will speak on technical
debt[1] and how to get out of it.

    7:00 p.m. (not our usual time)
    Tuesday, August 15, 2006 (not our usual date)
    BGI, 45 Fremont St., San Francisco:  http://tinyurl.com/pzq9f

    There will be food.

    RSVP to Jeff.Thalhammer at barclaysglobal.com.

Big thanks to Jeff for providing the venue and the food.  Mondo thanks
to Andy for offering to appear during his trip to LinuxWorld. :)

[1] Technical debt is that nasty condition companies get into where the
codebase is crufty, poorly documented, and hard to test, and everyone
is terrified of changing anything.  "Just like financial debt,
it's the compound interest on technical debt that snowballs until
you can no longer manage," Andy writes.  Come learn how to pay down
your biggest debts before that happens.

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