[sf-perl] "Model-Based Documentation" series

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Sat Sep 3 22:42:56 PDT 2005

I've been working on a series of articles which I am hoping to get
published (online).  Hence, I don't want my draft versions to be
slashdotted, etc.  OTOH, I've been working in a bit of a vacuum, so
some feedback would help.  A lot.

The topic, in any event, is "Model-Based Documentation" (my term :-).
Here's the lead-in for the first article:

   Model-Based Documentation (MBD) is an integrated approach to the
   design and development of semi-automated document production systems.
   Specifically, MBD uses a consistent "system model" (at various levels
   of abstraction) to provide conceptual clarity, ease navigation, and
   guide the development process.

   MBD bridges the gap between traditional documentation and report
   generation techniques, leveraging the strengths of each. It works
   well for generating timely, integrated, and detailed documentation
   for large systems. At the same time, it facilitates the rapid
   prototyping of specialized documents and reports. Although I have
   only used MBD in a software development context, I believe it to be
   applicable to any substantial system that depends extensively on

If this sounds interesting, drop me a note and I'll give you the URL
for the current drafts.

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