[sf-perl] Job Prospects?

Vicki Brown vlb at cfcl.com
Mon Oct 24 21:46:53 PDT 2005

Contrary to my interests or wishes, in what I believe to be a thoughtless
move cause inconvenience to the entire organization, the Company I worked for
has decided to stop "willing" my employment. (I wish someone would do
something about this "at will" employment thing. :-(

In mid-June, I was re-orged under a new manager who never bothered to really
understand what I did or why it might be valuable. Then we entered a hiring
slow-down. You may have guessed where this is going...

When said manager decided, recently, that he needed a not-as-yet-existent
employee more than he needed "whatever-I-was", I entered my own private
remake of The Invasion of the Pod People.

Suffice it to say that I am now job-hunting, entirely against my will. Sigh.

What do I do? I have, at various times, performed the following jobs:
utilities programming, Unix system administration, scientific programming,
user support, project management, maintenance programming, developer
technical publications, and Web/CGI programming. I've been a programmer
(first awk/sh, then Perl, recently starting into PHP, spouse is getting me
interested in Ruby). I've been a quality lead, webmaster, and technical

My primary interest areas are Communication, Quality, Process, Information
management, and Social Software.

At this moment in time, I prefer internal documentation and content
management to coding. If you're interested in what I do (especially if you
might have a project or a job for me) my web site tells the story best:

p.s. San Francisco, Peninsula, or N. San Jose preferred (or telecommute to
anywhere). I don't travel.
- Vicki

Victoria L Brown        /\_/\  Programming, Maintenance, Bug fixing
Journeyman Sourceror     - -     Process Improvement; Quality Assurance
- Scripts & Philtres   >= ^ =<      Technical writing, editing, review
P.O. Box 1269          (     )         Web weaving (HTML, CGI)
San Bruno, CA 94066   {  | |  } ) ) )     Unix, Perl, Mac OS X
http://cfcl.com/vlb  ----------------  http://philtres.com

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