[sf-perl] Meeting October 25: Byrne Reese on Movable Type, at Six Apart

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Mon Oct 10 19:07:45 PDT 2005

Dear Mongers,

Our October meeting will be sponsored (including food ;) ) by Six Apart.
It's October 25, two weeks from tomorrow.  To my pleasure, I learned that
they have hired Byrne Reese of SOAP::Lite fame, so he'll be giving the talk.
Here's what Byrne has to say on the subject:

  Movable Type is not "blogging software." It is a "publishing platform."
  Furthermore, it is not just a platform for plugin developers, but
  application developers well. Few other plugins demonstrate that better
  than Media Manager [which Byrne wrote, prior to joining Six Apart].

  Tonight we will go under the hood of Movable Type, using Media Manger as
  an example, to share code samples, discuss the underpinnings of Movable
  Type's architecture and demonstrate how any one can use Movable Type to
  build compelling, fully integrated, blogging applications.

Byrne's outline:

    I. Introductions
   II. Overview of MT and Media Manager
  III. Introduction of the MT Platform
       A. template tags
       B. text filters
       C. callbacks  
       D. alt-templates
   IV. Under the hood
       A. MT::Plugin
       B. MT::Object
       C. MT::App

So you know the drill:  RSVP to me, qw at sf.pm.org, telling me how
many people you'll bring.  (This enables Six Apart to order enough food.)

Here are the details of time and place: 

When:   8:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 25
Where:  Six Apart, 548 4th St. (between Brannan and Bryant)

      The closest BART station is Powell.  It's a bit of a hike, so try the 45:

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