[sf-perl] Alpha testers needed for an OSX man page (etc) browser

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Tue May 31 00:12:51 PDT 2005

While playing around with Spotlight, I noticed that it didn't index the
man pages (or, for that matter, anything in the Darwinish directories).

My first cut at remedying this omission was to format the man pages into
HTML files and put them in a location indexed by Spotlight.  Then, when
I located and double-clicked one of these files, my browser displayed it
(as "file:///.../foo.html").

This worked, but it didn't take much advantage of the Apache server that
OSX includes (as "Personal Web Sharing").  So, I embroidered the scheme a
bit, adding a CGI script, a tied hash, and other goodies.  It now looks
at man pages, include files, and (to some degree) arbitrary file nodes.

The code is working well enough that I'm looking for some Alpha testers.
That is, most of the initial feature set is penciled in and working to a
reasonable approximation of correctness.  Now it's time to find out what
I've overlooked, gotten massively wrong, etc.

If you feel like playing with this release, point your browser to:


and pick up the most current dmg file in the directory.  Right now, that
would be "Morinfo.0.1.a1.dmg".  Send your comments directly to me.  I'll
summarize (etc) as needed.

email: rdm at cfcl.com; phone: +1 650-873-7841
http://www.cfcl.com        - Canta Forda Computer Laboratory
http://www.cfcl.com/Meta   - The FreeBSD Browser, Meta Project, etc.

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