[sf-perl] PostgreSQL DBD ---- repost: sorry, I had the wrong subject in my previous post

Shane Hill shanehill00 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 20:49:31 PST 2005

> Hmmm.   I assume that you're not starting a new database handle, or doing this
> on a 2nd database handle?

no, no 2nd db handle.  The context for this is that I am creating a
new object like so:

my $obj  = ObjClass->new();

I then get an object *without* an identifying value and then when I call:


the object should get an identifying value (previously, via the
oidStatus method in Pg) and be committed to the DB. This happened when
I was using the Pg module, but now that I have switched to the DBI
(DBD::Pg) I am getting an undefined value for the unique id.  The
objects are being saved in the DB but my system has no immediate
knowledge of them because the id is coming back as undefined.

Like I said, maybe I am screwing up, but it does not look like it.  I
will do more investigation and see what I turn up.

thanks for your time,


> --
> Josh Berkus
> Aglio Database Solutions
> San Francisco

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