[sf-perl] Reminder: Meeting Tuesday

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Mon Mar 21 11:05:08 PST 2005

This is a reminder that we're meeting tomorrow for David Fetter's
presentation on DBI-Link.  If you haven't yet, please RSVP please
to qw at sf.pm.org.

DBI-Link is a PostgreSQL extension, written in Perl, that enables
"treating any data source you can reach with DBI as a PostgreSQL
table."  So you can treat CSVs as Postgres data.  And, as David points
out, you can finally do real joins against a MySQL table. ;)

Time, location, and transit details are all at
http://sf.pm.org/weblog/archives/00000023.html .  Hope to see you

qw (Quinn Weaver); #President, San Francisco Perl Mongers
=for information, visit http://sf.pm.org/weblog =cut

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