[sf-perl] Fuzzy mod_perl memory requirements super fun question

Quinn Weaver qw at sf.pm.org
Thu Jul 21 20:16:53 PDT 2005

OK, I have a kind of silly question.  It's been so long since I've had
to run my own web server that I don't know the answer.  (Half an hour of
Googling hasn't turned up anything, either. :/ )

The question is, how much RAM do you need to run mod_perl reasonably
these days?  I mean mod_perl 2.0.  Likely I'll be running some big
stuff like Mason on top, which could add a lot.  Actually, let's throw
in PostgreSQL; I'm using it too.

This is for a dynamic page server, i.e. all static page requests will
be handled by a separate box via reverse proxying.  Hence network
latency shouldn't be the limiting factor.  I don't expect CPU speed to
be a limiting factor, either, but I'll ask just in case.  What is the
oldest CPU I can get away with using?

These are all fuzzy questions, I know, and I don't expect studies or
graphs.  Just an anecdotal "well, this system worked for me under
such-and-such conditions" would be fabulous.

Many thanks,

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