[sf-perl] Beer and Egg Roll SIG (8 pm, July 25)

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Thu Jul 21 14:49:21 PDT 2005

RSVP:   None is necessary.  Just show up. :)

Date:   Tuesday, July 25, 2005

Time:   8:00 p.m.

Place:  Long Island Chinese Cuisine
         1689 Church Street; SF, CA
         415 695-767[89]


Food:   Economical Chinese, with some Japanese influences

Driving: Parking is not TOO bad in this neighborhood, but you may have
to search a bit.  The metered parking out front on Church will be up
for grabs around then, and there's a bunch of diagonal parking on 29th
right next to St. Paul's, which is across the street from the place.
You'll have better luck scoping for parking on the west side of Church.

   Peninsula: Take I280 North to the San Jose Avenue exit.  (Watch it,
   this is one of the first exits for SF and it comes up sooner than
   you would think).  Move rapidly over to the left-hand lane and turn
   left (North) onto Dolores St, using the left-turn lane that is just
   after the first light.

   A few blocks later you can turn left onto 29th, and then one block
   later you'll be at Church, which is your destination.  Check for
   parking on Church as you drive through the intersection, then look
   for parking on your right on 29th.

   East Bay: Take 101 South to the Chavez exit, take Chavez to
   Guerrero/San Jose and make a left there (it's hard *not* to make a
   left there; they give you three left turn lanes).  Then you need to
   get over to the right pretty quickly, to make a right onto 29th
   street about five blocks later (right after Mitchell's, which will
   probably have a crowd on the sidewalk, cold Tuesday night or no.)

Mass Transit: Be prepared for a bit of a crowd, as this is the end of
the prime commute time.  All instructions given below are approximate
and subject to the whims of the transit gods.

   BART (East Bay, Downtown): Transfer to Muni at a lower Market St.
   station.  Within the station, exit BART, enter MUNI, and catch the
   J Church (outbound).  Get off at 29th St; walk back (North) a bit.

   BART (Peninsula): Transfer to the J Church (inbound) at the Glen
   Park station.  Get off at 29th St; walk forward (North) a bit.

   Caltrain: (Don't take Caltrain if you can avoid it. Trains run
   back at 10:00 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. only!)  From the station, take the
   N to a lower Market St. station, then transfer to the J (outbound).
   Get off at 29th St; walk back (North) a bit.

   Muni: Take the J Church.  Get off at 29th St; walk North a bit.
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