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Saturday, July 09, 2005 at 18:00[2]
San Francisco Bay area

Beer.   Mental stimulation.

Please note that SBW events are moving to the second Saturday of each
month beginning July 2005.

     [1] http://extasia.org/sig-beer-west/
     [2] http://www.spacearchive.info/military.htm

This event:
  * Saturday, 7/09/2005, 18:00, at The Crow Bar[3], San Francisco (North

     [3] http://tinyurl.com/8dzne

Coming events (second Saturdays): 
  * Saturday, 08/13/2005, 18:00, Jupiter, Berkeley
  * Saturday, 09/10/2005, 18:00, location to be determined 
  * Saturday, 10/08/2004, 18:00, location to be determined

The San Francisco Bay area's next social event for techies and their
friends, sig-beer-west, will take place at 18:00 on Saturday, July 09,
2005 at The Crow Bar, 401 Broadway, San Francisco.  Phone:
415-788-2769. Map:  http://tinyurl.com/73vlm

The Crow Bar on the web:

Citysearch - Giancarlo Davis[4]

North Beach's token black sheep plays host to rock-and-rollers,
bikers and other roustabouts looking to avoid trendy cocktail
lounges. Editorial Rating: Recommended

The Scene: Crow Bar is dark, a bit dingy and hardly self-conscious.
Barflies here would rather sit around listening to the Descendants,
Kiss or the Clash than succumb to boogie fever at one of the various
neighboring dance clubs. If the bar's too full (usually on weekends),
challenge any of the rugged denizens to a game of pool in the back.

The Draw: Those who swill beer, bourbon or any beverage beginning with
the word "Glen" will find the extensive drink menu delightful. The
friendly bartenders are willing to share their extensive knowledge of
various Scotch and Irish potables, and are even happier to get you
drunk on the stuff. The jukebox is first rate.

Know Before You Go: This cash-only bar has an in-house ATM machine.


Crow Bar is most accurately described as a biker bar that attempts to
fend off the North Beach yuppies. Still, you will like the pool tables
and abundance of seats.

SF Gate - Josh Wilson [6]

Located at the perplexing intersection between North Beach's legacy of
jazz and poetry and its present reality of fine dining and strip
clubs, the Crow Bar is a real oasis, combining a casual demeanor with
just the right amount of grunge and exotica. Just what you'd expect
from a good neighborhood bar that's right around the corner from both
Vesuvio's and the Lusty Lady. Numerous tables make it a fine spot for
huddling with pals, with two pool tables and a very rockin' jukebox to
round things out.

San Francisco Bay Guardian - Marke B.[7]

Friendly and down-to-earth, the Crow Bar offers young, no-frills
locals a safe haven from the stuffy North Beach fine-dining scene as
well as the flashing lights of the bar's Broadway strip-club
neighbors. The lighting is dim, the prices are reasonable, and it's
worth visiting solely for the amazing selection of punk rock on the
jukebox. There are plenty of tables to hang out at and plenty of
people congregating around the pool tables. Meanwhile, the lone air
hockey table overlooks the whole bar from an elevated platform, its
blue surface glimmering beneath the giant crow outlined on the wall.
The crow is the new symbol for the air hockey revolution.

Everyone is welcome at this event. We mean it! Please feel free to
forward this information and to invite friends, cow-orkers[8], and
others (of legal drinking age) who might enjoy lifting a glass with
interesting folks from all over the place.

Can't come this month? Mark your calendar for next month.  (Do it now
before you forget!)  sig-beer-west occurs on the second Saturday of
each month.

Want to suggest a venue?  Suggestions for new places to sip and gab
are always welcome.  Have questions, comments, or other ideas
concerning sig-beer-west?  Send all correspondence to the current
sig-beer-west Instigator.  The Instigator's handle is extasia. The
Instigator's email address is <*the handle*> at <*the handle*> dot
<*org*>.  A subject beginning with "sbw: " will increase the chances
that the Instigator's spam filters don't block your message.

     [4] http://sanfrancisco.citysearch.com/profile/917792/san_francisco_ca/crow_bar.html
     [5] http://techdev.stanford.edu:8080/unofficial/town.html
     [6] http://sfgate.com/eguide/music/barguide/neighborhood.shtml
     [7] http://www.sfbg.com/39/10/cover_bars_new_clubs_list.html
     [8] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cow-orker

sig-beer-west FAQ

1.  Q: Your announcement says "techies and their friends".  How do I
       know if I'm a techie, or a friend of one?
    A: Well, actually, you don't have to be a techie to attend.  You
       just  have  to  be able to find the sig-beer-west sign at this
       month's event.  That's it.   Simple, huh?

2.  Q: I'm not really a beer person. In fact I'm interested in
       hanging out, but not in drinking. Would I be welcome?
    A: Absolutely! The point is to hang out with fun, interesting
       folks.  Please do join us.

3.  Q: I've been thinking about attending sig-beer-west for some time
       now. Maybe I should start with this event?
    A: Yes!!

sig-beer-west was started in February 2002 when a couple Washington,
D.C. based systems administrators who moved to the San Francisco Bay
area wanted to continue a dc-sage tradition[9], SIG-beer, which is
described in sig-beer.NET[10] web space as:

  SIG-beer, n., origin lost to intoxication:

   1. Special Interest Group - Beer!
   2. An Interprocessor Communications (IPC) signal that should be
      implemented in every O/S kernel. Semantics are left to the
      hardware driver for the Robotic Drinks Server. Expected behavior
      is that kill -beer <pid>
   3. A standing monthly gathering of systems administrators,
      past/present/future, and their ilk in Washington, DC. and other
      worldwide locations. These gathering consists of a friendly
      gathering of people who enjoy tasting/drinking interesting beer
      and chatting about computers, life, and how to implement the
      SIG-beer into their systems. It started with a group of
      dc.sage[11] sysadmins some time in 1997.

  [9] http://www.dc-sage.org/
  [10] http://www.sig-beer.net/
  [11] http://www.dc-sage.org/

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