[sf-perl] Video projectors?

Mark Theodoropoulos mtheo at amural.com
Tue Dec 27 20:40:04 PST 2005

> Can anyone recommend a good place to rent a video projector?  I need
> it for (yet another) presentation I'm doing about my product.

Oakland Audio-Visual Services (oavs.com) was great when I needed a projector for 
my dad's memorial service a couple of years ago. They took a lot of care up 
front to be absolutely certain everything would work together. Rental includes 
delivery and setup/takedown, so it's pretty painless.

Of course, prices have plummeted recently, and for the cost of three or four 
bottom-end rentals you can buy a pretty dang nice little projector these days. 
(For about 1200 bux I picked up a Dell XVGA machine, highly portable, that will 
allow me to inflict Schoenberg stuff on captive audiences for years to come -- 
and never have to chase down a rental again.) Worth considering if you expect to 
do this more than a couple of times.

Mark Theodoropoulos

producer / classics without walls
the anti-warhorse zone / www.amural.com
kusf 90.3fm / san francisco

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