[sf-perl] Beer & Dim Sum, etc.

Rich Morin rdm at cfcl.com
Tue Dec 6 15:45:56 PST 2005

The Beer & Pizza SIG will meet at Long Island Chinese Restaurant
(1689 Church St.; SF, CA) on 12/28 at 8 pm.  For details, see
http://cfcl/rdm/beer_and_pizza.  I've posted the announcement to
the Ruby folks, as well, so we can have a nice scripty evening
during the inter-holiday gap...

If anyone is interested in attending a Real Meeting (TM) about
Ruby, here's an opportunity:

  The SF Ruby Meetup Group will meet at the SF Library (Mary
  Louise Strong conference rooms; 100 Larkin St.; SF, CA) at
  6:30 pm on 12/13 (see http://ruby.meetup.com/6/events for
  more infoermation).

email: rdm at cfcl.com; phone: +1 650-873-7841
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