[sf-perl] "Perl Needs Better Tools" by Matisse Enzer

Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Mon Aug 29 10:12:26 PDT 2005

Matisse Enzer, continues to propound and expand on the thesis he
was advocating over chinese food at a recent perl meeting:
"Perl Needs Better Tools":

Quick summary: perl IDEs are lagging behind Java, and this is a bad
thing.  EPIC/Eclipse is doing okay, maybe it could be improved?  
Or maybe there's another solution.

(Note: he could probably be nudged into doing a presentation on
this subject... we were actually discussing doing a joint
presentation sometime, comparing Epic and Emacs, but I've been 
lagging on doing the Emacs side...)

Quinn Weaver <qw at sf.pm.org> wrote:

> Hey, y'all,
> Our next meeting is the fourth Tuesday of September, i.e. Setepmber
> 27.  Save the date!
> Tony Stubblebine of O'Reilly will be visiting us again, this time ot
> speak about web single-sign on in Perl. Tony's spoken here before, and
> he's always articulate, personable, and fun to talk with.
> We will have pizza for this event. Please bring $10 to $15 (depending
> on your appetite) to cover your share.
> If you plan to attend, RSVP ASAP to dfetter at perpetual.com because
> 1. Security will need your name in order to let you in.
> 2. I need to know how much pizza to order.
> 3. It's nice to be considerate and help with capacity planning.
> Time: 8:00pm
> Place: Perpetual Entertainment
> 149 New Montgomery Street
> 5th Floor
> San Francisco
> This info also available at http://sf.pm.org/weblog
> Now I'm off to Burning Man!  Finally!
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