[sf-perl] Two Jobs in San Mateo

Josh Berkus josh at agliodbs.com
Mon Aug 15 09:37:58 PDT 2005


There's two positions available at the startup where I work.  It's the good 
kind of startup; friendly and informal where results count for more than 
position.   I certainly like it.

Contact me if you're interested in either; these jobs can also be found 
through O'Reilly Connection.


These engineers will be responsible for designing and implementing new 
features and enhancements for Greenplum's parallel database system DeepGreen 
as part of a project team. High preference will be given to those with 
extensive system software development experience (client-server software, 
database integration, web servers etc) and open-source exposure in 
high-profile projects, such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache or Mozilla. 
 Potential Duties: 
 - Perform work in product development teams according to the project plans. 
 - Design, document and implement database engine modules and components. 
 - Write test cases for quality assurance purposes. 
 - Write raw documentation. 
 Minimum Qualifications: 
 - At least five years of COMMERCIAL software development experience with 
commercial or open-source database engines, such as Oracle, MySQL or 
 - Extensive knowledge of SQL, including SQL optimization and parsing 
 - Ability to design and validate software architectures. 
 - Expertise with the C and C++ programming languages, including threads 
(pthreads), sockets programming, building distributed applications. 
 - Expert knowledge of the Linux software development environment. 
Cross-platform software development experience is an advantage. 
 - Expertise in database quality assurance, including test specifications, 
designing and implementing test systems, and performing functional, load and 
stress testing and measurements with database engines. 
 Desired Qualifications: 
 - Working with open source projects. 
 - Working knowledge of distributed and network programming. 
 - Experience as a system or database administrator. 
 - Experience in database performance tuning. 
 - Commercial experience with databases that have hundreds to thousands of 
concurrent connections. 
 - Experience with software development on Windows, Solaris, and OS X.

Josh Berkus
San Francisco

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