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Subject: [baylisa] BayLISA monthly meeting: Regular Expressions
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Date: Thursday, 21 April 2005
Where: Apple Computer, Town Hall Building, upstairs meeting room

7:30 pm Introductions and announcements
8:00 pm Formal presentation
9:45 pm After-meeting dinner/social outing (BJ's, next door)

William Ward will present on "Regular Expressions".

Whether running a simple grep command or writing a big Perl program, a
thorough understanding of regular expressions is an essential skill
for any system administrator. The talk will describe the history,
syntax, and best practices for regular expressions; how a well-written
regular expression can dramatically improve the speed of pattern
matching; and give tips for using regular expressions in Perl

William Ward has been managing Unix and Linux computers since 1990. He
has been programming Perl since 1993 and teaching Perl since 1999 at
De Anza College and through his company, Bay View Training. He is also
a member of two Toastmasters clubs, including ProToasties, a club for
professional speakers, and received the Competent Toastmaster award in

Also, William Fuller of MonoSphere will do a brief presentation on "Data
Migration in Tiered Storage Environments".


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