[sf-perl] Celebrity Endorsement (?)

Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Tue Apr 12 14:06:27 PDT 2005

Shane Hill <shanehill00 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Joe Brenner wrote:

> > http://kerneltrap.org/node/4982

> >    "... which really shows what a horrid shell-person I am (I still
> >    use the old tools I learnt to use fifteen years ago. I bet you can
> >    do it trivially in perl or something sane, and I'm just stuck in
> >    the stone age of UNIX)."  -- Linus Torvalds

> > So we have here an endorsement of the power of perl, combined with a
> > suggestion that it isn't sane... 
> hmm,  it appears to me that perl was included in a sane list.  but
> maybe I am just optimistic and hopeful.

That was my first take on it, but on second reading I noticed he wasn't 
saying "perl or something *else* sane".

I would guess he was reflexively covering his butt against the religous
fanatics that tend to jump down your throat when you say the "p" word.

(That "git" project sounds weird...  he have a point about line-oriented
version control being obsolete in an era of cheap disk space, but the
idea that a few people can hand roll a small set of scripts to replace a
distributed version control system seems pretty nutty.  Torvalds may be
twice as bright as Tom Lord, but Tom Lord has spent more than twice as
much time thinking about source control.  I would think they should
shove the linux source into Gnu arch, and get some resources thrown at
it -- OSDL? -- until it works well enough.)

ObPerl: there are some Arch interface modules out on CPAN:


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