[sf-perl] Testing; please ignore

Joseph Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Wed Apr 6 23:25:11 PDT 2005

I mentioned this module I was working on at the last meeting:


GraphViz::DBI::General is an object-oriented module that provides the
capability to automatically generate graphs of database schemas
(i.e. foreign key connections between tables).

This is a subclass of GraphViz::DBI, that extends it so that: 

(1) it will work with any database with a driver that supports the
foreign_key_info method (GraphViz::DBI relies on a naming convention to
identify foreign keys)

(2) it provides a way of specifying the name of the schema you're
interested in (which makes it possible to use this with postgresql,
otherwise you get a *huge* graph dominated by pg_catalog and possibly
the information_schema, if you're using postgresql 8.0).

There's a page about it on my site, with some sample output: 


If anyone has any suggestions on writing portable tests for something 
like this, I'd really like to hear them. 

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